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SAB Spirit

We are SAB Spirit a brand new digital agency based at St Ambrose Barlow RC High School in Salford.  With our launch app VLNTR we aim to revolutionise the way schools engage with local communities and businesses.  Our young and vibrant team offer a unique insight into the dreams and aspirations of teenagers.

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Our Blog

Jamie Knight – Business Planning and App Design

Day One, On the first day we did an activity where you had to create a stall at an amusement park, my idea was called “post a plate” and it was a stall where for £1 you could throw 3 plates and try to get them is a post box, the sides would be made of foam to reduce...

Luca Meocci – Primary Research

Day 1 - Amusement park stall. Our first day of digital advantage we created an idea for a amusement park stall that could be enjoyable for consumers, there were 9 ideas Golden 25, Plate smasher, Hanging bar challenge, slot machines, dunk tank, shooting range, speed...

Owen Thompson – Secondary Research

Day:1 In the first day of digital advantage we first introduced ourselves to Aaron and Will and they introduced themselves to us, we then had to tell the whole class something that they may have not known about us so they could get to know us more and be more...

Daniel Dowd – Secondary Research

Day 1 On day one we did some creative exercises to get our minds set for coming up with our own products.We were place in groups and had to design our very own carnival attraction. My group came up with a twist on a day at the races but instead of rolling a ball it...

Dominic Dalton – Primary Research

Day One On the the first day of digital advantage we introduced ourselves to Will and Aaron. Then they introduced themselves to us. After that we all created a £1 game that would go in between two rides. In My group we came up with an idea called Golden25 which is...

Luke Ainscough – Primary Research

Day 1- I really enjoyed the first day of digital advantage when we created our £1 stall ideas one of the ideas that won the majority vote was Golden 25 which was a large and small ball pool with 25 golden small balls and each ball that you collected represented a...

Alicia Amaral – ID and Brading / Logo Design

In this project I have been the head of the branding and ID, meaning I have worked solely on every part of the creative side of the design.The first thing I created was the branding logo: The first thing I did was brainstorming lots of different themes and ideas for...

Alisha Barlow – ID and Branding

My name is Alisha Barlow and I’ve been working with digital advantage for 5 days and I’ve enjoyed it so much and have learnt a lot. I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to learn about marketing and business which I wouldn’t have known anything about if it wasn’t for...

Ben Gratrix Personal Blog – Project Manager

Day 1 The first day was really about getting to know Will and the digital advantage team and how the week is going to work.We took part in a lot of teamwork exercises to strengthen our connection as a group and meet the people who we will be working with over the...

Digital Advantage – Day 5

It's the final day and everyone is nervous about finishing on time. We put a lot of effort into finishing the personal blogs both written and recorded as well as trying to finish the main video for our app. We also worked to increase the content on our social media...

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